Hawke X-Act
(Ballistic Reticle Calculator)

The perfect reticle setup is simple...
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Hawke X-ACT devices
Ballistics can be a complicated business at the best of times, which is why Hawke have developed easy-to-use and deadly accurate reticles with the added support of the patented and FREE
X-ACT (Ballistic Reticle Calculator).

With the Hawke X-ACT you can:

  • Compatible with all Hawke reticles
  • Choose a preferred preset suitable for your caliber
  • Centerfire | Slug & Sabot | Rimfire | Crossbow Bolt
  • Choose a preferred reticle for your shooting requirements
  • Adjust the presets to either work in metric or imperial
  • Change zero distances, muzzle velocity and magnification
  • Change Ballistic Coefficient (BC)
  • Plot your trajectory and find suitable aim points
  • Carry out range finding calculations
  • Calculate angle effects on aim points (mobile only)

X-ACT is quick and easy to navigate:

Simply enter your ballistic profile and aim points are calculated.

Settings can then be fine-tuned for accurate real world results.

Blueprint your rifle or crossbow scope and calculate aim points at various mags, inclination and weather conditions.

X-ACT iPhone

Designed to complement over 40 different Hawke Reticles including the NEW calibre specific Hawke X-ACT Reticles:

  • .17 Mach 2, .17 HMR
  • .22 LR HV, .22 LR Sub, .22 WMR & .223/.308 Marksman
  • Mil Dot Reticles (10x ½ Mil-Dot, 20x ½ Mil-Dot & Generic 10x Mil-Dot)
  • Hawke Specialised Reticles (SR Pro , SR6 and SR12)
  • L4 Dot Variants (LR Dot, L4, L4A and 30/30)
  • Crossbow Reticles (XB30 Pro SR, XB1 MAP, XB1 SR, XB MAP and XB SR)
  • Hawke Multiple Aim Point Reticles (MAP6, MAP6A and MAP8)
X-ACT Screenshot

System Requirements

Windows & MAC OSX

Operating System: Windows 98, 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

X-ACT may also run on Windows 95 systems if suitably updated. Older systems may require the Visual Basic Runtime.

Free Hard-disk space: 10 MB or more

RAM: 64 MB minimum

Display: resolution 600 x 800 or greater. (A colour monitor is preferred but a monochrome device is usable)

You will also need a printer on which to print the graph and/or reticles. Again, a colour printer is best but a monochrome printer will suffice.

Please ensure you are running the latest version of Java click here to download.

Apple iOS devices

iPod, Touch, iPhone and iPad

Operating System: iOS 4.0 or later


Android devices

Pixel density: 320 x 480 to 480 x 800

Operating System: O/S 2.2 (Froyo) or later